Taking Healthy Steps Week 2

Physical Health

The second part in our 4-week series focuses on physical health. Keeping on top of your physical health can lead to many benefits including having a healthier mind, a better night’s sleep and it can also help relieve stress. “Get up, get moving, work your body and your mind” says Kara Donnellan from the Fremantle Football Club.

These benefits are not only important for AFLW players to ensure they can perform at an elite level, but are play a vital part in everyone's life to ensure you get the best out of your self each day.

Physical activity can come in all shapes and forms so the best thing to do is choose something that suits you. For some it might be going to the gym, participating a team sport, surfing or playing an exercise video.

GWS Giants player, Jessica Dal Pos believes that "exercise doesn't have to be boring gym sessions" and likes to "get outside and find new parks, beaches and trails to explore".

It can be as simple as going for a walk. Walking is a great way to get the heart going, it’s easy to do and it can help take your mind off things.

AFLW players tips on physical health:

Melbourne Football Club star, Jas Grierson says that good physical health involves “staying hydrated by drinking enough water during the day", which is made easier "by always having a drink bottle on hand!”

Stay tuned for the remaining series on mental health and nutrition.