Seeing snow for the first time

A group of young people have seen snow for the first time and organised an overnight trip to the snowfields in NSW, thanks to the Ladder Step Up Western Sydney program.

3 young people, between the ages of 17 - 20, were given the opportunity to attend the snow as a way to develop their skills in the areas of research, communication, time management, team work and organisational skills.

Ladder State Manager, Brian Frost said the skills that the young people have learnt are invaluable to their development.

"These skills better equip them to gain and successfully retain employment."

The young people planned the entire trip with support from their Development Coaches.

“I learnt that time management skills are important when planning," one young person reflected.

It was a momentous occasion for one program participant who experiences anxiety and has previously struggled to try new experiences.

“One of my favourite moments was seeing snow for the first time," Sophie said.

“If I push myself, I can do anything. There are many things in the world to try and see and if I get out of my comfort zone, I’m fine.”

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