"I wish I did this course before I went through almost living on the street.”

Ladder Step Up participants come into the program for various reasons. For Alice*, it was about stepping up and equipping herself with the skills she needed to live an independent and successful life.

Having moved out to live with a friend, she realised that there were more things to pay for, such as regular bill payments, grocery and petrol with little income.

“[It was a] wake-up call. [You] can’t live without responsibility, can’t always be a kid and do whatever we want.”

Since participating in the Ladder Step Up Program, Alice has acquired new skills and knowledge, including education around health and wellbeing.

“I learnt how to meal prep and cook nutritious meals."

The education and employment components of the program were well-received by Alice who up until that point had not experienced a job interview.

"[I now] have basic job knowledge, like what employers looks for. I enjoyed the mock interviews because I’ve never been to a real job interview. It was good to get an idea.”

Alice was full of praise for the program and highlighted the benefits of participating in the program early.

“Moving out isn’t easy. I wish I did this course before I went through almost living on the street.

"It’s a great program to help young adults become independent,” she said.

*Name has been changed.

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How to Refer

Young people are able to self-refer or they can be referred by a caseworker or carer.
To refer, please complete the following form and return as per the instructions on the last page.

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