Meet the Melbourne Demon's Melissa Hickey

Melissa is one of the most decorated players in women's football. She has won several premierships with Darebin Falcons, been a member of the Melbourne FC women's side since it's inception, is a Marquee player for the inaugural AFLW competition and was recently named in the Melbourne FC leadership group. Despite this, she still finds time to support Ladder and we are proud to have her as a mentor in our program.

1. What does it mean to you to be playing in the inaugural AFLW competition?
It really is a dream come true to be playing in the inaugural season of the AFLW and something I have worked very hard to achieve, I am certainly going to try and soak up every moment of the experience.

2. What is/ was your day job outside of the AFL?
I work for the Melbourne Football Club as a Community Co-ordinator and also for kbperformance as a coach and administrative assistant.

3. What have you found most challenging about being an AFL player?
The late night's at training have been hard after a full day at work but I am trying to make sure I catch up on sleep whenever I can, I love my sleep!

4. What do you do to relax?
I love good food and coffee, so going out for dinner and brunch with friends is a great way to relax, I also enjoy walking and meditation to wind down.

5. What would be your advice to a young person who is struggling to get motivated? [in terms of exercise, work and study etc]
I think the hardest part is starting, so I find if I think about what I want to achieve and why I want to do it that normally helps to motivate me. Then I like to write down a plan so that I know which days I want to do certain things and then I try and stick to that as much as possible. But just start, dont think or stay stuck for too long, just do something, start walking, go to the library, action turns into more action, it becomes contagious!

6. Who has been a mentor in your life and what did you take from this relationship?
I have a fantastic football mentor and friend, Brett Munro, and I have caught up with him every few weeks for the last 18 months, he has been so valuable in supporting me, teaching me and being a great friend to talk to about footy and life in general. Its great to have people on your side supporting you and who you can speak to about anything that is on your mind.

7. Why do you support Ladder, and its work tackling youth homelessness?
I think Ladder are an amazing organisation and I love the support and education they provide to youth. I know that if I ever need help I have my parents to support me, however unfortunately not everyone is in that position and I think that the work that Ladder do for our youth to support them and provide opportunities is amazing.

Melissa and her Melbourne FC team mates take on Brisbane Lions on Sunday 5th Feb, 5:05pm at Casey Fields. It will be broadcast live-to-air on Fox Footy.

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