Meet the Adelaide Crow's Courtney Cramey

Courntey Cramey was one of Adelaide Crow's first AFLW, being picked up as a priorty pick before the draft. The 31 year old never thought she would get the opportunity to play AFL at the highest level, but is making the most of the opportunity and starring in the past few matches, helping Adelaide go in to Round 3 undefeated.

1. What does it mean to you to be playing in the inaugural AFLW competition?

To me, it’s so much more than just football, this is a dream that I have wanted to achieve all my life and I finally get a chance at living this dream. It’s an absolute honour and privilege to be a part of history. The idea of being a role model to others and encouraging other younger people (both boys and girls) to play Australia’s greatest game is a massive reward.

2. What is/ was your day job outside of the AFL?

I’m also very lucky that I get to work for the Adelaide Crows as well and play football for them. I am a Community Programs Officer, basically I run school programs where I encourage and educate boys and girls in all areas of football, including off field education like mental wellbeing, nutrition and respect for others.

3. What have you found most challenging about being an AFL player?

The most challenging part about being an AFL Women’s player is probably juggling full time work, study, football training, my personal life and other commitments, but it’s also a learning experience where I have become better at time management and balancing all these areas of my life.

4. What do you do to relax?

I love to take my dog to the beach, play the guitar, write songs, hang out with friends and travel.

5. What would be your advice to a young person who is struggling to get motivated? [in terms of exercise, work and study etc]

Everything happens for a reason, sometimes we don’t understand the reasons behind certain things that do happen, but we must try to find a way to learn from each experience and each challenge that we face and move forward. Because the more we dwell on the past (which we can’t change), the less time we think about our dreams and future (which is something we can change).
-If you change nothing, then nothing changes-

6. Who has been a mentor in your life and what did you take from this relationship?

My mentor was Nicole Graves, an incredible football coach, she brought me in as a teenager after I finished school and gave me a chance at a traineeship in a football club. It was someone I could trust, someone that gave me honest feedback that I often didn’t want to hear, but it kept me grounded, and guided me to where I am today. I wasn’t on a bad path, but I wasn’t on a great path when I was a teenager, sport really brought me the things I needed to keep me grounded, the feeling of “belonging” to something like a club/ team and the friends I formed will be with me forever.

7. Why do you support Ladder, and its work tackling youth homelessness?

I support Ladder because sometimes all we need is a second chance, someone to believe in us, some guidance and a little help to find our feet. Everyone goes through stages in life that are more difficult than others, if everyone can help be the difference in someone’s world, then how much greater can our Australian community become.

It's a top of the table clash at Thebarton Oval with Adelaide FC taking on Carlton FC on Sunday at 11:35am (CDT).

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